About Us

We believe we can contribute to your success with our software which makes your bus service allocation more efficient, helps optimize route utilization, speeds up boarding with automated ticket management, and helps to increase your revenue by enabling you to provide transparent statements to your customers. The Busticket System simplifies decision-making, and cost & risk analysis becomes easier too.

We provide you with continuous, free advice even after the conclusion of the contract. Assisting you this way and with the help of our software, you can realize the highest possible income.
We have been developing software based on GPS technology, and have been operating the related services for more than 10 years. The strength of our company is based on highly trained and committed colleagues. The key to our progress is continuous thinking together and an innovative intention.

We built the experience of custom software development, initially personalised, into a product that is aimed at the general public, and which we all trust.

Our product is successfully and confidently featured in international sales. The development is continuous, we are constantly updating our products and services. Our mission is to offer a compact solution that is user-friendly, high quality, and marketable in terms of price/value.

We are looking forward to supporting your long-term success. Let’s become a team!