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Digital Ticket Management and Bus Service Allocation System

Use cost-effective bus service allocation, optimal route utilization, and quick, seamless onboarding. Increase your revenue by sending out transparent statements to your customers!

Get the most out of your transport contract!

Manage your transport contracts with our Busticket System. Simplified billing, reporting, and reduced administration time are just a few clicks away.


Optimize the number of passengers

You can specify the maximum number of passengers allowed on each route. We also take into account the maximum capacity of the vehicle used on a specific route.
We follow your instructions. The application automatically sets the number of passengers to the allowed limit. Therefore, if you have limited the number of passengers in the contract to 20, but the vehicle used on the route is able to carry 50, the number of passengers allowed to board will still remain 20.


Create the e-tickets

Create boarding passes that are valid for a specified route type with a few clicks, in the desktop application. Send them out to the eligible passengers either by e-mail or in printed form. The passes are valid until deactivation, no monthly renewals are required.

We offer several ticket types, such as QR code, NFC chip or card, and 6-digit numeric ID.


Driver identification and route launch

The driver identifies him/herself in the mobile application and selects the route from the list. He/she then launches the service and closes it on arrival.
Once identified, the driver can choose more than one route. The route selection is based on the conditions laid down in the contract, with the specified number of transportable passengers and available e-tickets.


Quicker and more efficient ticket management

The driver checks the eligibility of the passenger by scanning his/her boarding pass. Invalid boarding attempts are recorded and will be included in later statistics.
We offer several technical options in the Busticket System for pass identification: by scanning the QR code of the boarding pass using the camera of your mobile device, with an external scanning device, by scanning the NFC chip with a suitable device, or manually, by entering the numeric code. Identification events are logged by the application, and as a result, ticket usage can be monitored and evaluated.


Increase your revenue by using transparent statements

You may create useful statements in the system, which can be reported to your partners, or may be used to facilitate your decision-making.
You can report in a given period the distance each service has traveled, or the number of passengers transported, allowing for accurate billing. You also may demonstrate how many routes a person has traveled during the queried period. This, in addition to billing, also helps you to filter out improper use. For instance, if someone travels on a route specified by his/her boarding pass while being off-shift, or even during a holiday. You can list invalid boarding attempts too. You also can see how many services have been accomplished and whether there were any delays during the specified period. You can also check the current and past position of your vehicles on the map interface.


Bus Ticket System
Bulk operations
Create the required number of e-tickets with a single click.
A prerequisite for this is a delivery contract. You can enquire about a specific time period or even frequently used intervals. The content of the contract concluded between the supplier company and its partner, as well as the basic information related to the transport can be recorded in the Busticket System in PDF format.
By analyzing the routes taken by your vehicles, you may obtain important information about efficiency, fuel costs, compliance, and many other important details.

Evaluate the length and duration of routes, check maximum and average speeds, as well as private and office use. You can export the evaluated data in various formats: Excel, Extended Excel, Hola PDF, PDF logbook, and CSV.

Route types
The characteristics, properties, and the number of route types depend solely on the business needs of the contracting parties.

Different route types can be created by defining different passenger numbers, and setting the validity of the desired contract. Once created, route types can be used as templates, therefore, a new route may be started at any time.

Quick and easy accounting & billing.
The terms of the business agreement included in the contract can be easily checked, and can retrospectively be accounted for quickly and transparently using the Busticket System.

Digital Ticket Management and Route Allocation

€299 / month

for the entire fleet
+ €5 / endpoint

Using the module will make ticket management, route allocation, and schedule optimization faster & more efficient, it will also reduce paperwork and improve accountability.

The indicated prices are net prices and in euros.

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